...after ssam coffee

At ...after ssam coffee, we are proud advocates of environmentally friendly practices, and that's why we've chosen to employ reusable cups. Our focus is on selecting products that are perfect for both takeout and delivery, ensuring they give excellent heat resistance, exceptional durability to maintain temperature, and overall convenience. Additionally, we take aesthetics into consideration, offering a sensuous cup design and also featuring a heart stopper for added convenience.

Nord Roastery Beans

Our specialty coffee should not be limited to a fortunate few – We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy quality coffee regardless of brewing method or financial means. Our coffee is always roasted in small batches and only as needed, guaranteeing that you can always get the freshest coffee possible.
All our packaging is CO2-neutral.
It is roasted locally in Skødstrup, in the vicinity of Aarhus.

About us

Hey there, coffee lovers! Welcome to our cozy little korean coffee bar!
We take pride in trying to serve you the best extracted coffee you can find in town, and we won't break the bank doing it.
At our coffee bar, we're all about quality without compromise. Our baristas are passionate about delivering the perfect cup of coffee just the way you like it.
The best part – we believe everyone deserves great coffee, and that's why we've made it our mission to keep our prices fair and affordable.