About ...After SSAM

Welcome to …After Ssam, our new go-to spot for kickin' back with Korean desserts and drinks! We're bringing the sweet side of Korean food culture right to Vesterbro, serving up a laid-back vibe, alongside our sweet treats

Check our menu descriptions here:

SSAMBING - Korean Snowflake Bingsu:
Fluffy shaved ice cream sherbet, loaded with a fun mix of fruits, syrups, and toppings for the ultimate cool-down treat. Known from SSAM Vesterbro.

Soft Serve Premium ah boong:
Dig into our fresh, made-to-order ice cream waffles, a.k.a Ah Boong, for that crispy-meets-creamy experience. Made with organic ingredients. Available in 100% vegan also.

SSAM BBang - Korean Street Toasts:
Grab a taste of Korean street food with our Korean street toasts, packed with a scrumptious blend of sweet and savory fillings.

Specialty Coffee, tea and blends:
Perk up with our various coffee drinks, brewed from our very own roasted beans for a satisfying caffeine kick, or enjoy a selection of our specialty fruit smoothies or ades.

And don't forget to we also have a small selection of traditional Korean beverages, like Makgeolli (rice wine) and korean draft beer.

So, swing by ...After Ssam for a laid-back, flavor introduction to the world of Korean desserts and drinks.

We can't wait to see u!