Sinful Korean Food!!

SSAM is located in the entertainment centre of Vesterbro. Inspired by the exiting lifestyle in Korea and their diverse food culture, SSAM wishes to offer the local Copenhagen people the opportunity to enjoy modern Korean Food, same way as it is done 8000 km away.

In Korea, Anju and in particular Korean Fried Chicken, is a daily necessity for most Koreans. Eat this with a friend or alone. Don´t forget enjoying a bottle of famous Soju or a chilled draft beer with the chicken. This way you get the perfect ChiMek experience. If you are on the veggies, try one of our Bibimbab dishes. Blooming Bibimbab will give you a visual treat, along with all the vitamins and fresh vegetables you need, for a wholesome meal. Bibimbab is chosen as the super food of the decade, all over Europe. If you are craving something special, go for our SSAM Bulgogi Ribeye Buns, with a unique taste that you will not forget. All our dishes are home cooked and prepared with fresh ingredients, every day.

Jeong Hwa and Jeff Larsen opened SSAM here in Denmark, because they have a profound wish to share their love for Korea, through food, music and drinks. SSAM recipes are perfectly adjusted to the nordic tongue, yet still with deep roots in the Korean kitchen. Therefore our recipes have a unique taste.